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more interesting news.

despite adding the molybdenum to my regimen, the stomach aches have returned after nearly every meal. i’ve tried to attribute them to a particular food, but there doesn’t seem to be a specific thing i’m eating that causes them… it’s just when i eat.

have learned that ginger tea helps tremendously – it just takes about 20 minutes before it finally kicks in and gets working, and that’s still alot of stomach ache to handle. i also noticed the other night at Dad’s that i had been eating an Asian salad concoction i made with sunflower seeds, cabbage, jalepenos, pepper, and a dressing of ACV/lemon juice/olive oil, and then i ate a huuuuge meal afterwards and didn’t get sick!

all of that kept me searching the Candida Diet forum for answers, and i kept coming across these posts by raster regarding low HCl. He shared a post that explained that low HCl can cause acid reflux, bloating/gas pain after meals, etc… and it is caused by candida overgrowth. There’s a simple baking soda test to find out if you have low HCl, which I did this morning:

First thing in the morning, before eating/drinking anything (except water), mix 1/4 tsp of baking soda with 8oz of water. Drink the mixture and time how long it takes to burp. If it’s immediate/repeated, you have high HCl (way too much); if it’s within 2-3 minutes, you are normal; if it’s 3-5, you’re deficient; and if it’s over 5 minutes, just stop timing anyway because you are clearly deficient.

I stopped timing at 5:30, and it still took me an additional 10 minutes to burp.
SO. Now I’m anxiously waiting for GNC to open up at the mall so I can buy the supplement Betaine HCl. The cool thing is that it’s supposed to restore your stomach acid levels, which means I won’t be taking it forever- just until my body can balance itself!

And you know what else it means? No more tummy aches! 🙂


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it’s official.

DO NOT INITIATE A DIE-OFF REACTION WITHOUT TAKING MOLYBDENUM AMINO ACID CHELATE. I’m an idiot for being cheap and trying to do it without it. It costs 7 bucks. BUY IT. It is a miracle pill.

I was keeling over in pain for hours, for 6 days. I had a depression/anxiety reaction, my digestive system was about to implode, my liver was considering suicide. Now that I’m taking the molybdenum, I feel absolutely fantastic. And the die-off isn’t killing me with along with it.

Take the molybdenum. Don’t be an idiot like me.

To learn more about Molybdenum, what it is and what it does, follow this link:


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ugh, the last two days have been absolute misery.

on tuesday (the last time i wrote) i was still having BMs, but i only had two very small ones – and i had to force them. the rest of the night i had nothing, just kept getting more bloated, having more stomach pains…. and then i had an emotional breakdown. they say depression/anxiety can be a result of the die-off… it’s such a tough thing to measure, but i was definitely getting hit with something of the sort. i have been stressed beyond belief, for MONTHS, about this art project for the school, and the anxiety of trying to get it done before the Tough Mudder on June 1st, PLUS the anxiety about TRAINING for the Tough Mudder by June 1st, plus the anxiety about this diet, plus the PAIN from this die-off, plus the fear that I’m going to damage my body by not taking the Molybdenum, plus anxiety about all of my friendships that I’m neglecting, plus the Bachelorette party I’m supposed to be planning for Angela, plus the isolation from my family/friends, plus working 5 nights/week at the Ninety Nine…. I just broke the fuck down. I can’t keep it up anymore. So I’ve made some changes.

I’m emailing Mr. Bailey to tell him that I’m sick, and the project is going to take longer than I’d hoped. I can’t promise it before June 30th. That give me the time between now and the Tough Mudder to relax and cope with this diet and my training.

I bought the Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate yesterday (it’s the HealthYourself brand). Seems to be working very well so far- I’ve only taken it twice though.

I’m telling the Ninety Nine that I can’t work Thursdays anymore. That means 4 nights a week only – and I won’t have to work Trivia night, which honestly gives me anxiety for some reason. It’s very loud and chaotic with all those people at the bar, I guess.

I’m focusing on the following:

1. Nine hours of sleep per night
2. Training for the Tough Mudder (when I’m feeling good)
3. Planning the Bachelorette Party
4. Leisure time with friends and family

The one thing that has been wonderful is Dan. Yes, sometimes it’s his fault I am sleep deprived (haha) and sometimes I see him anyway even though I feel like I need a recoup night, but he has made everything else much more bearable.

But hey, back to candidablog.

Like I said, Tuesday was rough… In the evening I went to the WCC and spent 1/2 hour or so in the sauna, which helped… but the pain just came back after I ate an avocado smoothie at home. Then came the breakdown. Then came Dan, to watch anime with me and distract me until I fell asleep. I had a liver detox tea before bed, and tons of water.

Yesterday was excruciating, and scary. I had a BM in the morning…. and they didn’t stop until 1pm or so. Just severe diarrhea- practically water. All day I was afraid of a bowel obstruction from the die-off. I haven’t had a BM since- even today. However, because I’m not in pain today, I’m less worried… and hoping to have one soon. This morning, I ran for 30 minutes, did 200 crunches, drank a tall, warm chamomile tea as soon as I got up, have been drinking water all day, drank pureed spinach, drank Kefir, took a Molybdenum pill, ate 3 oat bran muffins (FIBER), drank olive oil and water, had some veggie soup…. c’mon man, I’ve gotta get something soon! I also took the 50 billion probiotic again, because even if it worses die-off symptoms, probiotics are GOOD for digestive health, so… idk, hoping it helps. Also hoping that the quicker I get through die-off, the quicker I’ll feel better, and I do NOT want to prolong that awful pain anymore. With any luck, the pain is over now (it’s been 6 days… that’s long enough, seriously. AND I’m on the Molybdenum, AND the Diflucan should have worn off by now.)

If I get a BM before work, I’ll take the coconut oil, but I think for now I’ll avoid it. Or maybe one scoop, we’ll see. I’m playing all of this by ear, if you can’t tell. That’s probably the only way to do it when we’re talking about our bodies… we just have to try and listen to them.

candidablog 5.14.13

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haven’t updated in awhile. here’s the scoop:

I was sticking to the diet religiously until the weekend of Angela’s wedding shower. The week prior, I started to get cold symptoms- sore throat, stuffy, coughing, etc; i’m pretty sure I was picking up the cold that both Kelly and Dan had the week before. That friday, May 3rd, despite my reservations about drinking when I was just developing cold symptoms, Dan and I were celebrating our 3-month anniversary, and i had a glass and a half of red wine. It was supposedly a very dry red wine, and therefore should have less than 1g of sugar per serving, so I felt it was worth the risk. I didn’t seem to develop any symptoms the next morning.

However, the next day, I was baking fudge/caramel brownies for Angela’s wedding shower, and I decided that since I’d been on the diet for a month, I could risk eating half a brownie. It was phenomenal. I also had a few finger-swipes of the batter and the frosting. I thought I noticed some labial itching sensations within seconds of eating the brownie, but I wrote it off as paranoia. I also had a glass of red wine that night after work with my mom.
The next morning, I woke up and had full blown infection symptoms again. It pissed me off. At the wedding shower, I decided I didn’t care, and if I was gonna cheat I might as well cheat, since I already had symptoms anyway. So I did. I had a fluffy waffle with a scoop of whipped cream, two honey and maple glazed pecan rolls, and some grapes.

Well, obviously, between the food-cheating and the alcohol-cheating and the lowered immune system from getting sick and spring allergies and extremely limited amounts of sleep (I was drawing the wedding portrait for Mrs. Valletta that Thursday) and crazy amounts of stress and whatever else was going on with me, my infection symptoms came back. So much for curing it in one month.

I also got a call from my obgyn the week following the shower, and was informed that although candida did not show up on the culture I’d done 2-3 weeks before, I tested positive for a ‘heavier’ growth of Group B Strep bacteria. Of course, the treatment for this is 3x/day antibiotics for two weeks. I talked to the doctor about my disinclination to do this considering my yeast problem, and she agreed with me, and said simply that if I seemed to get worsening symptoms, I can always go on the medication later. In my research after the call, I discovered that group B strep feeds on the same things that candida does: sugar and carbs. All the more reason to stick with this diet and clean up my gastrointestinal system; I didn’t realize it’d gotten so bad.

So THEN, I decided it was time to go HARD. Before, I was focusing on the diet, and started some coconut oil tbsps, and had a 1 billion count CVS probiotic daily. After even more extensive reading on TheCandidaDiet forum, I decided this really wasn’t enough, and I wasn’t going to heal very quickly this way. SO I went balls-to-the-wall. I went to GNC and bought a Critical Care 50 billion count probiotic. I also had a leftover Diflucan pill that I never used when my primary care physician called it in for me a month ago, because I’d been close to my period and knew the hormones might screw up the effect. Despite the forum recommendations that I take Molybdenum to help ease the probable Die-Off symptoms, I decided to just start the probiotic cold turkey and deal with the symptoms as they came; a little pain/gas/bloating didn’t scare me. I took the Diflucan 24 hours later.

Well, that was this past Thursday and Friday, I believe. The weekend has been pretty excruciating due to the Die-Off. I’m 90% sure that it’s the probiotic that’s causing all the trouble, because when I took Diflucan the last time, I had no reactions. (However, the probiotic, anti fungal, and diet are all working together now, so I’m sure it’s the combination of the three that’s ultimately giving me symptoms.) It seemed like I was starting my period again, but turned out to just be a really awful discharge of blood/candida/clots, not sure what was going on there. That lasted for the first 3 days. Gas pains have been frequent, and 1/2 of the time they were completely debilitating, and I had to spend 30m-1hr in the bathroom, wiggling around like I was doing some kind of belly dance, pushing on my stomach/waist/back/thighs and trying to release some of the air. Each day has been slightly less painful than the last, or at least if the bouts weren’t less painful, they have been shorter in duration. I’ve also been trying to lessen symptoms by drinking a lot of soda water and detox tea, and exercise (none of which are truly effective enough). However, reading more about Die-Off has made me nervous about the damage all the dying candida is doing to my system, and despite my reluctance to prolong the healing process, I decided to skip the probiotic today and give my body a break. It’s not fun being in pain like that all the time, and like every single website I’ve read says, it’s not good for me, either. And if I’m doing this to improve my health, why would I continue to do something that can be bad for it?

Instead, today I focused on probiotic/antifungal food sources, and staying hydrated, and detox tea. I had veggie/chx soup for breakfast, followed by Lemon Everyday Detox Tea, a cup of greek yogurt, couple spoonfuls of coconut oil… cooked a stir-fry lunch with fresh garlic, onions, spinach, turkey and beef burger, had some quinoa with almond milk and cinnamon (that caused some gas pain for <4 min.. probably because it was feeding the candida a bit), and I’m probably going up to make myself some more food now. Last night, I allowed myself some peanut butter on celery, and it tasted fantastic and made my symptoms lessen, so I’ve decided small amounts in moderation will be okay for me. (In the same vein, commercial greek yogurt/kefir don’t concern me, because I clearly don’t have a dairy sensitivity.)

As of two days ago, the infection symptoms were pretty much cleared up. Yesterday, I had a weird sensation of discharge, and it turned out to be a very healthy-looking, clear, and rather watery consistency – the most natural and healthy discharge I’ve seen from myself in months (maybe even years, since I clearly haven’t been paying enough attention to my body to notice the signs of candida in the first place). I’m feeling like I’m on a really good track now. However, I don’t expect to be able to stop the diet for another few months, which is very upsetting considering I have the Tough Mudder in two weeks, Angela’s bachelorette party in three, and her wedding in six. But hey, who knows- I’ll just have to keep an eye on myself and see what happens. When the Tough Mudder comes along, I will be risking red wine and/or hard liquor again, but without the food-cheating. If I get a reaction, then I’ll know for sure that the alcohol aggravates it; and if not, then the worst I’ll be doing is slowing down the complete repair of my liver – but considering how much I used to drink, I don’t think it’s going to stymie me very long. And MAYBE, if I’m REALLY good, I’ll be able to have some cake or something on Angela’s wedding 🙂

Okay, that’s the update. Now I’m going to get some food, and possibly slack a little more and avoid this relief project that’s causing me so much stress…

Also yuck, getting some gas symptoms… hoping they pass. If they’re bad, remind me not to go for quinoa for a little while.

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