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Q: Day of best friend’s wedding. Woke up with lower back pain due to constipation.

A few sips of champagne at wedding, no effect. V symptoms persist, seem stronger due to missed dose of CO, which seems to keep them at bay. Thinking I should take 1tsp in morning and evening to stagger effects.

– Scrambled egg with spinach/broccoli
– Fried egg
– Grilled ACV chicken
– Roasted veggies
– 2tsp CO at midnight

Type 3 at Noon



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Q: Rehearsal dinner for best friend’s wedding. Missed dose of CO today = No stomach pains or BMs today

– Homemade quiche with veggies
– Iced chamomile/lemon ginger tea
– Sauteed veggies
– Salmon and scrod with steamed veggies



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Q: Woke up around 6AM to drink water, then was nauseous again at 9AM and had Type 7 for 1/2hr.

Emotional breakdown after fight with sister in the car on the way to the mall. Called out of work.

NEW PLAN: Take CO 2tsp/day until digestion normalizes. Then add 2oz kefir daily until digestion normalizes. Then increase accordingly, alternating which increases.

– 2 fried eggs with sautéed kale
– M, B+, C
– Veggie broth
– Sauteed spinach in garlic and sesame oil
– Steamed veggies with boiled chicken (PF Changs)
– Spinach/Kale chips, homemade (Monsters Univ.)

Type 7 all morning and rest of day


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Q: Disc golfing today.

Felt nauseous before bed when attempting to drink water, so I stopped.

– Scrambled eggs with broccoli and peppers
– Veggie broth
– M, C, B+, 2tsp CO
– Avocado key lime pudding, made with CO* and toasted coconut
– Roasted veggies

Type 3 at 10:30AM
Type 6 at 1PM
Types 5/6 throughout afternoon/evening

Quick summary of my progress thus far

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Here is a quick summary of what I’ve been going through this year, starting March 27th, 2013:

Prior to March 27: Recurrent yeast infections led me to try OTC Miconazole, then Nystatin cream, then a Diflucan pill, all of which failed to keep Candida at bay for more than a week. This brought me to the Candida Diet website and this forum.

March 27- May 1: Followed the website Phase 1 diet, found that my vaginal infections, plus many of my symptoms (please see ** below for the list) were quickly clearing up. I also took Lactobacillus Acidophilus 1 billion capsules, thinking they would be strong enough (obviously underestimating my situation).

May 1: While already coming down with a cold (unrelated), I tested 2-3 glasses of red wine to celebrate mine and my boyfriend’s anniversary. Woke up the next morning with stronger cold symptoms, and in this immuno-vulnerable state (yes, I’m pretty dumb), proceeded to eat a brownie, believing I must be cured by now. I also had waffles and whipped cream, grapes, and 2 glazed croissants at my best friend’s wedding shower the next day. The vaginal yeast symptoms came raging back.

May 2- May 26: Started over again, still on the website Phase 1 diet, but this time I took one Diflucan pill to kickstart the treatment, and then used a MegaFlora 50 billion probiotic daily. I also incorporated kefir and spoonfuls of coconut oil into my daily regimen. The yeast infections went away, but the probiotic soon began to wreak havoc on my digestive system. The excruciating gas/bloating pains that the supplement caused, due to initiating Die-Off, were absolutely unbearable. Every time I ate something, I could expect the pain. I lasted about 3 weeks enduring this, and then finally quit, figuring I MUST have made some progress by now.

May 26-June 1: Stopped the probiotic, and the stomach aches disappeared, and I felt cured. I began to cheat a little daily; one day, sausage and hot dog roll; the next, wine; the next, toast… Yeast infection symptoms did not come back.

June 1: Went camping for the Tough Mudder, ate bananas and bagels for fuel. Yeast came raging back.

June 1-June 20: Decided I couldn’t bear the pain of a strong probiotic treatment, so I decided I’d stick with a less strict diet and expect the results to be extremely gradual and extremely long term. I did, however, up my dose of coconut oil until I was consuming about 2-3 tablespoons per day. I did this too quickly and the gas/bloating pains came back. Same with drinking too much kefir or eating too much yogurt. Throughout this month, my diarrhea was rampant.

June 20: Drank too much alcohol one night (4 glasses of rum and diet IBC) and leveled my immune system. I was rolling around with stomach pain for hours the next day.

June 20- Now: Decided to do this correctly and start all over again. I began with a 5-day Vegetable Only cleanse, plus OO and CO. My digestion began to normalize, and bloating went down. I am now allowing 1-2 organic eggs daily, and in 4 days I will increase egg intake to meet protein needs. Today, I had a stevia/lemon juice lemonade, as well. Stevia has not been a problem for me.


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Q: Miconazole ineffective.

*UPDATE: Stop kefir/yogurt for the week and let body react to CO. Also stopped Bentonite/Psyllium shake for fear of intestinal damage (not from symptoms, just from forum advice).

Long, thin strand present in afternoon BM. Candida, or worm of some kind?

Burping and mild hunger pains later at night.

7PM: Type 5 with what I’m 95% sure was a Candida colony. White, mucus-like substance. Taken as a sign I’m doing things right?

– 3/4c kefir*
– 2 eggs with sautéed veggies/spinach and OO/CO
– Molybdenum, VitC, Bcomplex
– 1tbsp CO*
– Green soup
– Lemon/limeade slushie with stevia
– Spring mix, raw
– Roasted veggies
– Avocado with basil and SS

Type 4 at 10:30AM
Type 4 at Noon
Types 5/6 throughout afternoon/evening (due likely to CO, possibly kefir too)


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Q: Day 3 of Miconazole treatment. No sign of improvement.

No BMs at all today. Brought car to dealership for inspection, canceled plans in afternoon. EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL, INTENSE FATIGUE. Slept most of the afternoon.

– Bentonite/Psyllium shake
– Salad with egg and avocado
– 0.5 servings of Fage plain yogurt
– Green soup
– Roasted veggies
– Scrambled egg with onions and peppers
– Collard greens
– Steamed summer squash/broccoli


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