Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Hunger

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Interesting article on the relationship between probiotics and hunger (ghrelin) signals in the body. More to come as I continue to research this.

Another interesting excerpt:

Tips to Improve Leptin and Ghrelin
Heal Your Gut.
   Science is starting to learn that our gut health can dramatically impact many areas of our health, including regulation of blood sugar and weight.  Intestinal tissue also impacts appetite. A healthy intestine can help control appetite; conversely, leptin and ghrelin imbalances have been observed in gut disorders like colitis.[16]  So anything that helps intestinal health, like probiotics, should be helpful for weight gain and appetite issues. Recently, a newer-identified substance in foods called resistant starch has been studied and found to dramatically help control blood sugar levels, appetite and weight via its effect on gut tissue.



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Q: Went to bed at 3AM last night, got up with the alarm at 7:45. Before bed, I cut two garlic cloves and inserted them vaginally. Left them in until 10AM- felt no effects in that time. Infection is strong, candida is profuse in mucous membranes. Inserted at least 1tbsp greek yogurt, soothed some of the inflammation- just hoping to get some good bacteria in there. Not sure what’s behind this sudden surge of infection, but I’m hoping it’s a breakthrough.

Still free of anxiety, even with the end of this art relief project closing in. Between last night and tonight, I’ve felt oddly like I had returned to my productive, clear-headed self from freshman year of high school. It’s probably in my head, but… who knows?

Still super bloated/constipated all morning/afternoon, the gallons of water have not helped at all, nor the cabbage soup, nor the high fiber. I think this must be a final haul/excavation of candida, like a once and for all type deal. I really hope so. Although thinking like this is seriously dangerous, because I know it doesn’t just disappear like that. Everything is always long term. I have a lot of good feelings though.

Started the 25billion probiotic today. Took that on top of the 3billion Acidophilus I’d been taking. Time will tell if I get a tummy ache! If I do, I’ll just have to get me some apple cider vinegar and be on my way.

UPDATE: No stomach ache at all. Took another 25billion with dinner!

Also: Now that I am eating more carbs, I need to watch my food intake more… I’m so bad at portion control, I just never feel full anymore

– Water and water and water
– 3 Mastic, 2AM 1PM
– 3 Acidophilus 1bill
– 1 UltFlora 25bill, AM and PM
– Fage yogurt
– Cabbage soup
– Buckwheat pancakes (4) with almond butter spread
– Roasted veggies
– 4 slices of buckwheat/coconut bread
– Glass of almond milk with stevia
– Glass of coconut milk with stevia
– 1/2c blueberries
– Baked stuffed patypan (with veggie and oat bran filling)

Estimated calorie count for the day

100 cal (cabbagesoup, 2cups)
150 cal (fageyogurt, 1.2 cups)
280 cal (4xbuckwheatcakes, 5.5″ diam)
50 cal (1/2tbsp almond butter)
250 cal (roastedveggies, 2cups)
280 cal (4xbuckwheatbread, small)
80 cal (2c almondmilk)
120 cal (2c coconut milk)
40 cal (1/2c blueberries)
400 cal (baked stuffed patypan. this is worst case)

Recommended Calorie Intake
126lb, 5’6″, female, little/no exercise

Maintenance: 1613
Fat Loss: 1291

Forced Type 2/3 at 1:00PM (healthy brown!)
2 Type 4/5s after that

Inflammatory and Anti-Inflammatory Foods

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I recommend anyone having gas/bloating pains during this diet (I got them from taking too much CO or probiotics, as they ended up attacking the H. Pylori in my stomach) take a look at the following links:
Top Ten Anti-Inflammatory Foods / Top Ten Inflammatory Foods

Back when I was in the worst of it, I discovered that having ginger tea after my meals, plus plenty of water, could seriously diminish the pains. It also makes sense why foods like kefir/yogurt (dairy) and coconut oil (high in saturated fat, despite its antifungal benefits) should be increased gradually, and possibly eaten in combination with an anti-inflammatory food like blueberries (later in the diet if you’re strict) to balance the effect.

Something else that INSTANTLY cures stomach pain: APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! Just take 2 teaspoons straight and wash it down with water. Seriously, within minutes.


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Q: Woke up sans back pain, thank god. Ready for my less-protein approach to avoid irritating ulcers and feeding H.Pylori.

Local infection is strong as ever, and very irritated last night. Used garlic clove vaginally today, with coconut oil; I didn’t feel any effects.

No stomach aches to report from probiotics. Either picking up a 20billion on the way to work, or starting the 50billion tomorrow.

Anxiety-free today. I felt clear-headed and productive all day.

Bloating is so annoying. My belly sticks out like I’m pregnant. It’s incredibly frustrating, considering given my diet, I should be a little stick!

– 3 Mastic, 2AM 1PM
– 3 Acidophilus, AM and PM
– 1tbsp CO, AM and PM
– Buckwheat damper (made with flour, water, almond milk, stevia. weird)
– 3-4 Buckwheat pancakes (some with almond butter… like a PB&J without the J!)
– Fage yogurt
– Glass of almond milk
– Tons of water

BMs: possibly 1 at work


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Q: Emotional breakdown after breakfast. Probably hormone related- the yeast flare-up followed by emotional reaction is a good sign of my period coming again, for whatever reason. Extremely disheartening, in any case. When I see flare-ups, I feel like I’ve done something seriously wrong; but I haven’t. I’ve been eating so well.

I just want it to fucking die already. Die. All of it. Get the fuck out of my body.

Felt overfull before bed because I ate so many veggies/soup/etc, but managed to have a BM before I went to sleep. Good stuff

– 3 Mastic, 2AM 1PM
– 2 Acidophilus, AM and PM
– 1tbsp CO, AM and PM
– Fage yogurt
– Buckwheat pancakes (horrible fail. mom made them and forgot the sweetener. plus i think buckwheat just fucking sucks.)
– Waterwaterwater
– Cabbage soup
– Roasted veggies
– Coconut milk with stevia


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Q: Wonderful day today. Woke up with no back pain because I ate so light in the evening 🙂 Keeping that in mind.

Green tinge of urine is more likely due to vitamin B excess in system. No longer worried about it, since I know for a fact that I have high levels of B vitamins.

Itching continues, less spotting. By the evening I had a strong, itchy yeast infection; used coconut oil topically/internally before bed. This is disheartening to me. As much as I try, I still don’t understand it.

Much indigestion/coldness/tightness at work, and mild bloating throughout evening. Thinking now that those are my symptoms of ulcers. Trying to take THAT into account now, too. I plan on avoiding meat for the next two weeks, for the sake of killing H. Pylori faster and allowing ulcers to heal.

Thinking it might be time to supplement hardcore with probiotics again. Since stomach pain is minimal/none, it may be safe now.

– 3 Mastic
– 2 Lactobacillus pills, AM
– 1tbsp CO, AM (skipped evening because of fear of ‘ulcers’. probably dumb, but my bloating was bothering me, and the fats are what make ulcers worse)
– B vitamin, C vitamin
– Fage yogurt, plain
– 3/4c oat bran
– Sauteed veggies and turkey burger
– Sauteed leeks and celery, onion and summer squash
– Glass of coconut milk
– Chamomile tea, ginger tea

Not as frequent as yesterday, probably due to the large afternoon meal I had (veggies/turkey burger). Trying to eat smaller portions.


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Q: Woke up with back pain again. Drank tons of water throughout day and ate minimally to clear out GI tract, helped a bit.

Clotting continues, some itching now. BMs have white bits and seem less healthy.

Urine has a green tinge. Google says it’s a sign of bacterial infection in the blood and/or UTI. Drinking cranberry juice, hoping it helps. This is worrisome to me.

Tightness/coldness in stomach and chest today. Weird reflux symptoms, but no stomachache. God this is hard to understand 😦

– 1tbsp CO, AM (forgot dose at night)
– 3 Mastic
– Water and water and water
– Tomato/garlic soup w/ flaxseed chicken bits (Briana)
– Wild caught tuna/avocado with mixed greens and tomatoes
– Oat bran, 1/2 c
– Haddock with lemon, spinach with garlic, veggie florentine soup

3 or 4 throughout day, all good Types, but seeming to contain much ‘waste’ (white particles, etc)

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