Day 4, and a potential change of direction

August 23, 2013 § Leave a comment


– Mastic

– ProB1
– 1/8 cantaloupe

– 1 mango
– 2 plums (BM after plums; very loose, pieces of undigested fruit. Saw this a bit yesterday, but not as much; makes sense, since it takes about 24-36 hours to completely digest food, and I only started the fruit diet 3 days ago, so yesterday would have been the first time I’d see ‘fruit movements’. I was a bit worried at first because I’m supposed to be avoiding fruit fermentation in my intestines, but I have to keep reminding myself that eating fruits and vegetables is HEALTHY, and it’s the only way I’m going to get better! Gotta be steadfast! Plus, I have definitely seen noticeable improvements in my yeast infection symptoms. Slow and steady wins the race.)
– 2 bananas
– 2 apples
200+60+180+160 = 600

– ProB2
– 2/3 pineapple
300 calories

(Pineapple made me super sick. First, I burned my mouth and lips from the high acidity, and then I got an intense stomach ache (gas pains and cramping) that lasted about 30 minutes. I then drove to work, and got a second stomach ache that lasted another 30 minutes. I’m hoping it’s from the Bromelain working to kill H Pylori… but I have honestly no idea. I know it’s not a pineapple allergy because I had the canned pineapple before and had no problems.)

Dinner, 10pm
– ProB3
1st course: 3 cups of grapes, 180cal, and 1can pears, 210cal
2nd course: big salad full of veggies, 250 cal

Total: 1540 (Not enough calories, again)

I was happy at the end of the night because I ate my big salad and got no bloating or pain at all.
However, the next morning, I woke up super early (6am) to work on my art commission, had some green tea to wake myself up, and ended up puking within 1/2 hour. I haven’t vomited in years. It was awful.

I’m getting the feeling that, yes, all these fruits are cleansing; but something’s not right. My yeast infection is not improving; it’s gotten worse the past few days. I want to get some serious die-off, and I’ve got a new strategy in mind. See my next post to find out what it is.


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