stick with the alkalizing, friends.

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I will post again in a day or two when I finish this project; but in the meantime, stick with some form of diet of 80% fruits and vegetables. I’ll have updates soon.

Also, if you have some unrefined sea salt (pink or red is good), toss 1-2 teaspoons in a tall glass of warm water and slug it down first thing in the morning. Expect diarrhea. It’s a great intestinal flush. I’ll have more on THAT later too.

Coming soon: posts on salt water flushes, grapes, melons, pineapple, brussel sprouts


trying 80/10/10: days 2 and 3

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– Mastic gum
– ProB1

– Almost a whole cantaloupe (lots of fullness, bloating, BMs all day, loose/detoxy. cantaloupe is a melon, which are great cleansers. Watermelon is second only to lemon for best detoxifying and most alkaline food)

2nd Breakfast
– 2 apples
– 2 bananas
– 1 mango
160+180+200 = 540

– ProB2
– 1cup strawberries, 1/2cup blueberries
– 1/2 cucumber with hummus
50+40+40 = 130

– 3 bananas (LOTS of bloating/gas pain; took ACV and lots of water, then had a Type 6 and felt better)

Dinner (at work, 10pm)
– Big salad with strawberries, blueberries, pineapple (fruits eaten first), lettuce greens, celery, tomato, onion, blue cheese crumbles (TINY bit instead of oil), southwest vinaigrette (TINY bit again), and a few glazed pecans (TINY bit again for a treat)

– ProB3
– Mastic

Bloating and gas pain at night after the salad. A bit itchy at night. Exhausted and slept heavily; difficult to wake up in the morning. Probably because my calories were too low today.

Total Cal: 1340


– Mastic gum 1g
– Cran juice

Pre-B Exercise
– 3mi run, followed by soak in Epsom Salt bath

– 1st RAW Probiotic, 2 cups of warm/hot water
– 1 mango
– 1 apple
– 2 bananas
– 1 banana/apple smoothie (blended 1 apple and 1 banana with water)
Total cal: 640

– 1 plum
– 3cups grapes
30 + 210 = 240

– 2nd ProB
– 1cup blueberries
– 2cups strawberries
– 4 clementines
– 2 plums
85 + 100 + 140 + 60 = 385

– 5 bananas

– 3rd ProB
– Extra large salad with ACV, 1/2 avocado, cucumber, red pepper, onion, spring mix and hummus

– Mastic

Total: 1925

okay. updates on 80/10/10 experiment.

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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this past week, I continued to eat fruit and keep my fat intake below 200 calories per day. However, my yeast infection was still cropping up – I was having spotting and got my period for all of one day (2 weeks early) – and I wasn’t sticking strictly to the 80/10/10 diet.

I still had eggs each day (replaced them for haddock one of the days), oat bran maybe 2 of the 3 days, and worst of all – red wine and 2 pieces of cake on saturday. (At the time, I knew it wouldn’t help my progress, but I was so excited at the prospect of healing that I allowed myself the indulgence, knowing I’d go full throttle when the weekend was over.)

The main focus of those days was Food Combining. As you can see in my earlier posts, I did a lot of research on food combining and how to avoid fermenting food in the intestines. I made sure to always eat my fruit in the morning/afternoon, never at night, and always without any other food. Whenever I had starch, protein, or fat, I only combined them with leafy greens- never taking starch/protein or starch/fat combinations. It definitely made a huge difference; I was rarely ever bloated, and my system just felt a little inexplicably ‘better’. Even on Saturday, when I had 3 glasses of red wine, I didn’t get any digestive distress that night or in the morning. I processed the alcohol efficiently and healthily, and didn’t get sick at all. This is something I was never able to do a few months ago.

The persistence of the yeast infection has an incredibly strong effect on my mood. I become so immensely depressed when I wake up in the morning and it’s still there. I try so hard to be calm and collected and just stay focused on my regimens, but most of the time, I can’t help it. I am so very sick, mentally and physically, and I just can’t escape it. It makes me hate my body, it makes me want to rip myself to shreds and break out of it. It’s the most trapped feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life.

On Sunday night, I had an insane mental breakdown. My brother picked a fight with me, and though it shouldn’t have been a big deal, I went over the edge. I was consumed with the need to scream, or hit something, or run away from myself, or get the fuck away from everything. I left the dinner table and went to my room, crying hysterically; I had to scream into a pillow maybe 20 times to try and release the pent up depression I’d been locking away and determinedly avoiding for months and months, the depression that only came out in occasional crazy moments of weakness, when my despair overrode my resolve to be strong and beat the crap out of this disease. I am not a pillow screamer, nor am I a ‘hitter’ of any kind; but Sunday night, my pillow became a microphone and a weapon. My curtains did not stand a chance.

The screaming and anger went on for awhile, and the crying aftermath was another good hour or so. At the end of it all, my eyelids and the area below my eyes were swollen and covered with red dots, burst blood vessels from the emotion pouring out of them. I was weak and starving, I’d hardly eaten anything all day, afraid of fruit and afraid of fat and afraid of starch and afraid of meat. When I was calm, I went back downstairs and finished my haddock and zucchini pasta, and then I went back to my art commission that is still months overdue, and another source of extreme stress in my life.

I had resolved earlier that day to try the 80/10/10 diet completely and fully, employing the rules of Food Combining, and remaining entirely Raw Vegan, with no exceptions. At least for a week, to see what happens.

Well, it’s Tuesday morning. Yesterday was painful, emotional, full of die-off symptoms, full of fear and anxiety that everything would just get worse, full of financial stress and art stress and relationship stress; at every moment of the day, I could have begun to cry and probably never stopped. Thankfully, Monday is over; and though this morning started out similarly, with a lot of barely restrained depression, I am feeling a little better and more positive now.

I’m going to give this a real shot.

Here’s how yesterday went:

Food Log, 8/19/13:

4 bananas
1 mango
5 clementines
1 can pineapples
Total calories: 1050

Smoothie with: 2 bananas, 1cup blueberries, 1cup spinach, 1cup almondmilk
2 apples
Total calories: 470

2 clementines
2 bananas
Total calories: 250

Massive salad with ACV, 1/2 avocado, tomato, cucumber, onion, and green onion
Total calories: 200 (or less)

Chamomile tea
Hot almond milk with stevia
Total calories: 40

Probiotics RAW for Women, 1 afternoon, 1 evening
Mastic gum 1g, morning and evening

Die-Off Symptoms
Bloating, gas/flatulence (with odor), headache, nausea, fever, depression/anxiety

Yeast Infection

1 or 2 throughout day, slight constipation

Still amazing.

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Thurs, Aug 15

– 2 bananas
– 1 green apple

– 2 scrambled eggs with green onions
– Sauteed red onions in EVOO (1/2 tbsp – 60cal – only between the eggs and onions)
– Glass of almondmilk

– Full can of unsweetened pineapple (no added sugar)

– Bowl of cabbage soup
– 1 cup chia seed pudding (almondmilk, chia seeds, stevia)

– 1 baked potato

– bowl of oat bran

In 5 months, I have never felt better. I didn’t even have kefir today.

Food-Combining, if you’re interested

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I read a little more this morning and found this good info about food combining:

Here’s an excerpt I found particularly fitting to my experience, after eating a whole bunch of fruit for dessert the other day:

Fresh fruit is best eaten in the mornings, on an empty stomach. This is because fruit digests so quickly! (typically within 30 minutes of eating) If you eat fruit after a meal, it will sit in your stomach fermenting, causing gas and bloating, and promoting bacterial overgrowth in the body. You could also eat fruit as an afternoon snack or post-workout, as long as it’s been 3-4 hours since your last meal.

See the end of this post for a really pretty chart that makes this all visual and nice and easy to understand.

Other information about digestion
(from this blog)

Time Required For Digestion

Fruits 20 -30 minutes on average. Quicker for things like berries and liquid, slower for things like apples and pears

Vegetables 30 – 40 minutes. Quicker for things like cucumbers, peppers, steamed or cooked veggies. Slower for root vegetables.

Grains, beans and lentils 90 – 120 minutes. Quicker if cooked, slower if raw. It’s important to keep note though some things have more nutrients when raw then cooked, or the other way around.

Dairy 90 – 120 minutes. Extremely slow for cheese, upwards of 4 – 5 hours.

Meat is varied:
Eggs 30 minutes
Fish 30 – 60 minutes
Chicken 90 – 120 minutes
Turkey 120 – 145 minutes
Beef & Lamb 3 – 4 hours
Pork 4 1/2 – 5 hours

Fats will always slow digestion. Nuts for example can take up 2 1/2 – 3 hours to digest. Plan these right, never load up on fats around the workout time.
1) If you must have dessert or fruit with your meal, eat it first. Yes, ignore what your mother said, scientifically it makes more sense, mentally you just need to have some control. You don’t want food sitting around on top of a big meal waiting hours to be digested. Eat it first and it won’t cause you to feel like your about to explode.

2) With a full course meal – eat your greens first, then your more fibrous vegetables like broccoli, moving on to your root vetables, and finally your meats. I know ifs fun to mix and match, however this habit can sometimes prevent you from over eating.

3) Never drink liquids with your food, as it will dilute your digestive juices. Have your water or liquid before a meal then wait slightly after before you have some more. Most importantly drink your water at room temperature as cool water can harden fats in your stomach making it harder to digest.

4) When snacking always eat the vegetables and fruits first, then add the protein on top.

5) Eat fats last, or separately.

6) If you close to a workout or just finishing up, only allow yourself easily digestible nutrients such as liquids, fruit, cooked vegetables, and lighter cooked meats.

And, if all of this has been too stressful for you, here’s a particularly calming post by a dude called Bonamon on CureZone that really set my mind at ease:

I wouldn’t worry so much about percentages of fats/proteins/ carbs… Instead, I would focus intensely on food combining and making sure that any fruit sugar you eat is able to be quickly processed through your body so that it doesn’t cause fermentation and bring on all the bad stuff.

The best way to do this is only to have fruit (low GI preferably) in the morning by itself, have a salad or veggies for lunch, and save [any] dense proteins and fats for dinner, so you have a good 8 hours of sleeping to digest them alone.



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I went HARD with fruit consumption today. Go ham or go home. We gotta find out if this works, right?
(For the record, I don’t necessarily recommend this. Caution is always the way to go, and a drastic change like this should probably be done over a period of days.)

Wed, Aug 13

– Mastic gum
– Trader Joe’s green drink
– Probiotics 50 bill
– Banana
– chia seed pudding (chia seeds in almond milk)
– celery, carrots, and cucumbers in hummus
– A tablespoon of honey (yeah… I was so excited to be eating alkaline sugary foods again that I kind of went ham. this may not have been the wisest choice right away, as it caused a blood sugar spike that made me shaky)
– cooked veggies in cauliflower sauce
– kefir
– a plum (seriously, probably the best thing i’ve ever tasted in my life. they were my favorite fruit back when i ate fruit, so very long ago… and now they can be my favorite again!)
– strawberries and blueberries in nonfat yogurt
– Another banana
– garden salad with blueberries, strawberries, and hummus, dressing made with cayenne
– pineapple for dessert

Type 6-7 in the evening

Middle of this day, I had a spiked blood sugar that gave me a me very shaky and ‘sugar-high’ feeling. I calmed it down by drinking lots of water and then eating some cooked, low-glycemic veggies.

I also ate about 300-350 calories from fat today, between the chia seeds, milk (i guess there was canned coconut milk in my cauliflower sauce, meaning about 160 calories from fat right there), kefir, and hummus. But I also realized that I’d had about the same yesterday (I ate that cauliflower sauce yesterday, too), and it clearly still worked, so I figured one more day wouldn’t be so bad.

Questionable things I noticed from eating more fruit that I am keeping an eye on: increased post nasal drip (could be that my body is finally working properly enough to fight infection naturally, which is through mucus), sugar spike of energy, ‘come down’ (i got emotional in the afternoon), spotting (my period isn’t due for 2-3 weeks- however, every ‘change’ in my diet so far has caused this, so i’m not too worried)

Positive things I’ve noticed: Energy levels are SOARING. I want to move and be more active. I feel cleaner and clearer. Fruit tastes delicious. Yeast infection still gone.

Seriously… this is incredible.

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This is absolutely amazing.

It is the morning of Day 4 on this 80-90% Alkaline food cleanse, and my yeast infection has completely disappeared.

I spent a lot of the day reading about the effect of a Raw Vegan Diet on Candida. (Type “raw vegan diet candida” into Google and you’ll find the articles I found.) Turns out, there’s a huge following that attributes the growth of Candida NOT due to excess sugar in the diet, but excess fat. Turns out, it’s fat that clogs your digestion and allows food to ferment in there. If you’re eating little/no fat, and only fruits and vegetables, all the sugars will go to the rest of your body’s cells for energy, and there won’t be any excess for Candida to feed on. Eat kefir/fat free yogurt, and feed it sugars that AREN’T in excess, and the candida and bad bugs won’t get to it. EVEN COCONUT OIL AND OLIVE OIL ARE FATS THAT CAN SLOW YOUR DIGESTION! They’re certainly healthier than all the other fats, but that doesn’t make them any better for digestion.

On Day 3, I ate some fruit (still only small amounts, since I was wary) and reduced my fat intake even more – I had less than 150 calories from fat the entire day. Here’s what I ate:

– Small garden salad with homemade dressing (1 part EVOO to 2 parts ACV, cayenne pepper, and sea salt. Yesterday I used equal parts oil and vinegar, today I reduced the oil.)
– Bowl of steamed, mashed cauliflower
– Veggies sauteed in a tiny bit of oil, coated in mashed cauliflower Curry sauce (my mom made it, using curry spice, and other seasonings as well I believe)
– 2 cups of Nonfat yogurt, sweetened with cinnamon, stevia, and 4 chopped strawberries
– A handful of blueberries
– Another garden salad, extra large, this time with a few strawberries mixed in. Same dressing.
– 1 cup of lowfat, Lifeway Kefir
– A giant, heaping plate of carrots, celery, and cucumbers, eaten with hummus
– 1 sparkling KeVita drink (coconut flavor. SO DELICIOUS. expensive but worth the occasional indulgence, and it has 4 billion live probiotic cultures!)
– 1 lemon water
– (tons of water throughout day, too)
– Another garden salad, same dressing, this time with tomatoes
– 1 serving of oat bran, made with 1 part bran, 1 part water, 2 parts almondmilk, stevia and cinnamon to taste

As of yesterday afternoon, my vaginal yeast infection was disappearing; as of last night, it was gone; and as of this morning, DESPITE not having a bowel movement last night, I am completely yeast free. FOUR DAYS.

As you see in my earlier two posts, the cleanse gave me immediate, true die-off, and now I’m feeling more positive and alive than ever. ALREADY. Let me repeat: FOUR DAYS.

I think it’s vitally important to learn about Alkalizing and Acidifying foods. If you’re getting most of your calories from fat, even the good fats like EVCO and EVOO, the majority of your food intake lies at a neutral pH of 7.0. If your body is acidic, this is still helping you get better, for sure; but like so many of the people on the Candida Diet Forum keep stressing, it’s going to take a long ass time. If, however, you focus on feeding your body HIGH ALKALINE foods, as much and as frequently as possible, you’ll get better a hell of a lot faster. And THEN, you can include a balanced diet of fats and meats. But for all of us Candida sufferers out there…. Alkalizing may be the way to go.

For the benefit of others to read: Alkaline and Acidic Food List.

If this is truly the better approach, I want to share it with everyone. No one should suffer longer than necessary.

ALSO for your benefit – here’s the Fat Budget I made myself and will be adhering to indefinitely. I’m aiming to keep to the 80/10/10 Raw Vegan diet, which means that if 80% of my calories are from raw fruits and vegetables, 10% should be from fat, and 10% from protein. I did NOT buy any books on this, but it’s pretty easy to figure out on your own. If my diet is between 1500-2000 calories per day, and I’m not exercising, I should be only eating 150-200 Calories From Fat per day (10% of total intake).

Calories From Fat (CFF) in some of my Healthy Foods:
1 cup Kefir = 20 CFF
1 tbsp CO = 120 CFF
1 tbsp OO = 120 CFF
1 oz almonds (24 whole almonds) = 126 CFF (1 cup = 632!!!)
1 oz sunflower seeds = 127 CFF (1 cup = 574!!!)
2 tbsp dry roasted peanut butter = 140 CFF
1 cup coconut milk = 50 CFF (and WAY MORE in the canned kind; do NOT buy the canned kind!)
1 cup almond milk = 30 CFF
1 tbsp chia seeds = 40 CFF
1/3 cup oat bran = 25 CFF
1/2 lean chicken breast = 28 CFF

So, What can I have on a daily basis?

1 tbsp coconut oil OR olive oil (extra virgin of course for both. I’ll split this tablespoon among salads, or mixing with water to lightly sautee)
1-2 cups Kefir
As much nonfat yogurt as I want
1 cup of coconut milk, OR 2 cups almond milk

The above budget adds up to approximately 180-200 Calories From Fat. Here’s another possible fat budget:

1oz sunflower seeds
1 tbsp chia seeds with 1/2 cup almond milk
1c kefir
As much nonfat yogurt as I want

^ This is 200 CFF, too.

It appears avocado intake should be restricted to 1x or 2x per WEEK, and I may simply avoid them altogether for the next few weeks. Also, milk intake should be restricted, and I’m switching to purely almond milk for now.

Also, it’s AMAZING how much fat is in such a TINY AMOUNT of nuts and seeds. I now understand why eating too many sunflower seeds screwed up my digestion so much. Thinking back, I got weird reactions and poor digestion with sunflower seeds, peanuts, peanut butter, baked goods made with lots of oil and/or butter, and chicken that I couldn’t understand at the time; now I realize they were probably sending me over the edge. Feel free to go back through my blog posts to see for yourself – I even commented on it at the time.

As before, I’m sticking to no cheese, no dairy other than kefir/yogurt, no processed white foods, no processed sugars, etc etc. All the gluten free grains from before (buckwheat, coconut flour, oat bran) are allowed, but since I want to heal quickly, I will now be getting the majority of my calories from fruits, NOT from carbs. So I’m temporarily restricting intake of grains to 1-2 servings per day.

That’s all for now – I’ll continue to keep you posted!! SO looking forward to a day full of fruits – this time I’m not restricting intake at all! THIS CHICK’S GOING FOR A BANANA!

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