Alright, bit of a whirlwind…

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Thurs Aug 14

– Mastic gum
– Banana
– Chia seed pudding with blueberries
– Nonfat yogurt with green apple, cinnamon, and stevia (tastes like APPLE PIE!)
– (spent the day driving for 5 hours today, during which time, I ate:)
– a banana
– a green apple
– a plum
– celery and cucumber slices
– ***
– Super green drink
– Steamed broccoli
– Spirulina tablets
– 1 cup Kefir
– Garden salad with light olive oil
– 1 cup nonfat yogurt

Type 6 at noon

*** When I got home from my drive, I had a yeast infection again.
Now, this sent me spiraling into more panic. I wasn’t exactly super bummed about it, because I mean before I had one chronically, so it’s not that big a deal… but it got me freaking out about what to do now. I was thinking that maybe I overdosed on fruit, and that candida feeds on excess fruit sugar, as well as excess fat. Then I also thought that I had eaten a ton of fruit right before bed last night, giving it plenty of time to sit and ferment in my weakened digestive system, and I did NOT check in the morning to see if I had a yeast infection – I just got up and packed, ate breakfast and left.
I spent the whole night at work worrying about how to get all of my caloric needs met through something other than fat or sugar. Protein, then? That can’t be right, that’s so not good for digestion… What the hell do I do? Just maintain a good balance, then? Try and find exactly the number of fruits I can have per day without getting a reaction, and the same with fats and proteins? Maybe do some more research on food combining, and make sure I eat only certain foods at certain times of the day? Maybe I need to memorize the calorie content of all the foods I’m eating, so that I know how to plan my calorie intake from each food group?

Well, all of that is well and good, and I did do all of that research for about an hour after work last night. However, my yeast infection was nonexistent again last night, and still remains nonexistent this morning. Continued research this morning brought me to a few more “High fruit consumption cures Candida” blogs, such as: (this one did ALL the convincing I needed this morning)

After reading all of these this morning, I have decided that I overreacted, and haven’t given the low-fat, raw vegan fruit diet a proper chance yet. Sure, I’m scared as all hell that I’m just worsening my Candida problem, because this is EXACTLY what all the forums tell me NOT to do – absolutely do NOT give in and feed it sugar, I’ll only make it a million times worse because of how fast candida multiplies, etc etc. Yup, scared to death. But you know what? I’ve been suffering for 5 months, and the fatty proteiny protocol didn’t work in all of that time. I plateaued. I have not gotten better.

So I’m doing this to prove it to myself once and for all, and for the benefit of whoever’s reading this. I have faith, I’m sticking the course. Here’s to another fruity day.

ONE minor change though: Like yesterday, I’m going to keep fruit consumption to the morning and afternoon. No fruit before bed like that other night- not until my blood sugar is stable, anyway.

Off I go!



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I went HARD with fruit consumption today. Go ham or go home. We gotta find out if this works, right?
(For the record, I don’t necessarily recommend this. Caution is always the way to go, and a drastic change like this should probably be done over a period of days.)

Wed, Aug 13

– Mastic gum
– Trader Joe’s green drink
– Probiotics 50 bill
– Banana
– chia seed pudding (chia seeds in almond milk)
– celery, carrots, and cucumbers in hummus
– A tablespoon of honey (yeah… I was so excited to be eating alkaline sugary foods again that I kind of went ham. this may not have been the wisest choice right away, as it caused a blood sugar spike that made me shaky)
– cooked veggies in cauliflower sauce
– kefir
– a plum (seriously, probably the best thing i’ve ever tasted in my life. they were my favorite fruit back when i ate fruit, so very long ago… and now they can be my favorite again!)
– strawberries and blueberries in nonfat yogurt
– Another banana
– garden salad with blueberries, strawberries, and hummus, dressing made with cayenne
– pineapple for dessert

Type 6-7 in the evening

Middle of this day, I had a spiked blood sugar that gave me a me very shaky and ‘sugar-high’ feeling. I calmed it down by drinking lots of water and then eating some cooked, low-glycemic veggies.

I also ate about 300-350 calories from fat today, between the chia seeds, milk (i guess there was canned coconut milk in my cauliflower sauce, meaning about 160 calories from fat right there), kefir, and hummus. But I also realized that I’d had about the same yesterday (I ate that cauliflower sauce yesterday, too), and it clearly still worked, so I figured one more day wouldn’t be so bad.

Questionable things I noticed from eating more fruit that I am keeping an eye on: increased post nasal drip (could be that my body is finally working properly enough to fight infection naturally, which is through mucus), sugar spike of energy, ‘come down’ (i got emotional in the afternoon), spotting (my period isn’t due for 2-3 weeks- however, every ‘change’ in my diet so far has caused this, so i’m not too worried)

Positive things I’ve noticed: Energy levels are SOARING. I want to move and be more active. I feel cleaner and clearer. Fruit tastes delicious. Yeast infection still gone.

Seriously… this is incredible.

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This is absolutely amazing.

It is the morning of Day 4 on this 80-90% Alkaline food cleanse, and my yeast infection has completely disappeared.

I spent a lot of the day reading about the effect of a Raw Vegan Diet on Candida. (Type “raw vegan diet candida” into Google and you’ll find the articles I found.) Turns out, there’s a huge following that attributes the growth of Candida NOT due to excess sugar in the diet, but excess fat. Turns out, it’s fat that clogs your digestion and allows food to ferment in there. If you’re eating little/no fat, and only fruits and vegetables, all the sugars will go to the rest of your body’s cells for energy, and there won’t be any excess for Candida to feed on. Eat kefir/fat free yogurt, and feed it sugars that AREN’T in excess, and the candida and bad bugs won’t get to it. EVEN COCONUT OIL AND OLIVE OIL ARE FATS THAT CAN SLOW YOUR DIGESTION! They’re certainly healthier than all the other fats, but that doesn’t make them any better for digestion.

On Day 3, I ate some fruit (still only small amounts, since I was wary) and reduced my fat intake even more – I had less than 150 calories from fat the entire day. Here’s what I ate:

– Small garden salad with homemade dressing (1 part EVOO to 2 parts ACV, cayenne pepper, and sea salt. Yesterday I used equal parts oil and vinegar, today I reduced the oil.)
– Bowl of steamed, mashed cauliflower
– Veggies sauteed in a tiny bit of oil, coated in mashed cauliflower Curry sauce (my mom made it, using curry spice, and other seasonings as well I believe)
– 2 cups of Nonfat yogurt, sweetened with cinnamon, stevia, and 4 chopped strawberries
– A handful of blueberries
– Another garden salad, extra large, this time with a few strawberries mixed in. Same dressing.
– 1 cup of lowfat, Lifeway Kefir
– A giant, heaping plate of carrots, celery, and cucumbers, eaten with hummus
– 1 sparkling KeVita drink (coconut flavor. SO DELICIOUS. expensive but worth the occasional indulgence, and it has 4 billion live probiotic cultures!)
– 1 lemon water
– (tons of water throughout day, too)
– Another garden salad, same dressing, this time with tomatoes
– 1 serving of oat bran, made with 1 part bran, 1 part water, 2 parts almondmilk, stevia and cinnamon to taste

As of yesterday afternoon, my vaginal yeast infection was disappearing; as of last night, it was gone; and as of this morning, DESPITE not having a bowel movement last night, I am completely yeast free. FOUR DAYS.

As you see in my earlier two posts, the cleanse gave me immediate, true die-off, and now I’m feeling more positive and alive than ever. ALREADY. Let me repeat: FOUR DAYS.

I think it’s vitally important to learn about Alkalizing and Acidifying foods. If you’re getting most of your calories from fat, even the good fats like EVCO and EVOO, the majority of your food intake lies at a neutral pH of 7.0. If your body is acidic, this is still helping you get better, for sure; but like so many of the people on the Candida Diet Forum keep stressing, it’s going to take a long ass time. If, however, you focus on feeding your body HIGH ALKALINE foods, as much and as frequently as possible, you’ll get better a hell of a lot faster. And THEN, you can include a balanced diet of fats and meats. But for all of us Candida sufferers out there…. Alkalizing may be the way to go.

For the benefit of others to read: Alkaline and Acidic Food List.

If this is truly the better approach, I want to share it with everyone. No one should suffer longer than necessary.

ALSO for your benefit – here’s the Fat Budget I made myself and will be adhering to indefinitely. I’m aiming to keep to the 80/10/10 Raw Vegan diet, which means that if 80% of my calories are from raw fruits and vegetables, 10% should be from fat, and 10% from protein. I did NOT buy any books on this, but it’s pretty easy to figure out on your own. If my diet is between 1500-2000 calories per day, and I’m not exercising, I should be only eating 150-200 Calories From Fat per day (10% of total intake).

Calories From Fat (CFF) in some of my Healthy Foods:
1 cup Kefir = 20 CFF
1 tbsp CO = 120 CFF
1 tbsp OO = 120 CFF
1 oz almonds (24 whole almonds) = 126 CFF (1 cup = 632!!!)
1 oz sunflower seeds = 127 CFF (1 cup = 574!!!)
2 tbsp dry roasted peanut butter = 140 CFF
1 cup coconut milk = 50 CFF (and WAY MORE in the canned kind; do NOT buy the canned kind!)
1 cup almond milk = 30 CFF
1 tbsp chia seeds = 40 CFF
1/3 cup oat bran = 25 CFF
1/2 lean chicken breast = 28 CFF

So, What can I have on a daily basis?

1 tbsp coconut oil OR olive oil (extra virgin of course for both. I’ll split this tablespoon among salads, or mixing with water to lightly sautee)
1-2 cups Kefir
As much nonfat yogurt as I want
1 cup of coconut milk, OR 2 cups almond milk

The above budget adds up to approximately 180-200 Calories From Fat. Here’s another possible fat budget:

1oz sunflower seeds
1 tbsp chia seeds with 1/2 cup almond milk
1c kefir
As much nonfat yogurt as I want

^ This is 200 CFF, too.

It appears avocado intake should be restricted to 1x or 2x per WEEK, and I may simply avoid them altogether for the next few weeks. Also, milk intake should be restricted, and I’m switching to purely almond milk for now.

Also, it’s AMAZING how much fat is in such a TINY AMOUNT of nuts and seeds. I now understand why eating too many sunflower seeds screwed up my digestion so much. Thinking back, I got weird reactions and poor digestion with sunflower seeds, peanuts, peanut butter, baked goods made with lots of oil and/or butter, and chicken that I couldn’t understand at the time; now I realize they were probably sending me over the edge. Feel free to go back through my blog posts to see for yourself – I even commented on it at the time.

As before, I’m sticking to no cheese, no dairy other than kefir/yogurt, no processed white foods, no processed sugars, etc etc. All the gluten free grains from before (buckwheat, coconut flour, oat bran) are allowed, but since I want to heal quickly, I will now be getting the majority of my calories from fruits, NOT from carbs. So I’m temporarily restricting intake of grains to 1-2 servings per day.

That’s all for now – I’ll continue to keep you posted!! SO looking forward to a day full of fruits – this time I’m not restricting intake at all! THIS CHICK’S GOING FOR A BANANA!

Raw cleanse is immensely effective.

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Had to post again because the effects are so incredible. I’m on day two of this 80-90% veggie cleanse. Here’s what I ate, NOT including all my ‘supplements’ (coconut oil, mastic, probiotics, molybdenum – you can see that regimen in my last post.)

Day 1:
– 2 tall homemade green smoothies (ingredients in last post)
– Trader joe’s Super Green Drink Powder in water
– Chia seed and Coconut Milk smoothie (fiber to get shit movin! literally!)
– 1.5 cups of unsweetened Kefir
– 2 bowls of Cabbage Soup
– Ginger and Chamomile tea

* Lots of water after chia drink to cure stomach ache from low gastric fluids (chia sucked them all up.. oops). Stomach ache was accompanied by bloating, which was cured by water. Later bloating from poor digestion was also relieved by excess water intake (at first it bloats you way more because you’re filling your body with fluid, but within an hour, all that fluid improves your digestion drastically and gets all the air out)

– Solid, formed stool, especially frequent today, with white flakes. (This is what I’ve been seeing for months now; from what I understand, the white is candida)
* Significant amounts of tiny, white floaters are noticeable after bowel movement. Not from urine- definitely from intestines. This, too, is a sign of candida. This has been happening for the past few weeks as well.
– One BM in the evening had a very clear lump of a mucousy candida colony. EXCELLENT sign.
– Excess flatulence throughout afternoon/evening, bad smelling. Very good sign of detox.

Day 2 (so far):
– Lemon tea, 2 Chamomile teas
– 1 tall homemade green smoothie
– Coconut chia shake with Bentonite clay (taken on an empty stomach, and didn’t eat after for at least 1/2 hour, just to avoid any chance of stomach cramping)
– Trader joe’s Super Green Drink Powder in water
– 1 bowl cabbage soup
– Spring Mix Salad with avocado, green onions, and celery. Dressing made with equal parts EVOO, Raw ACV, a shake of cayenne, and sea salt. (Dressing is a MUST TRY, spicy and SO GOOD!)
*BMs began to super-detox within an hour after the salad. Stomach was super bloated, gas pains followed. Relieved immediately with a shot of ACV. I followed up with two tablets of DCL to help heal all that inflammation going on, and am currently drinking hot water with lemon juice. Bloating and pain are significantly reduced and totally bearable.*
– Hot water with lemon juice

BMs (so far):
– Excess flatulence all day, particularly after meals and accompanied by bloating. Still bad smelling. Still good signs.
– Movements fairly small and difficult to excrete for most of the morning, but clearly a sign of detox. In the afternoon post-salad, flatulence became BMs, and I had 3-4 cases of Type 7 as my body fought to detox as fast as possible. Adult rhizomic candida evident in stool (long ‘roots’ partially obscured by fecal matter). SUCH A FREAKING GOOD SIGN I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT.

Alright that’s it for now! YAY FOR HEALING! adkjfhsldfjadjl


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Couple of updates:

I just got home from a week of vacation in Maine, during which I stuck to a strict candida diet, but occasionally indulged in a few “second stage” items (sweet potato, green apple, blueberries). VERY occasional- no more than a serving per day, and only one of them per day. However, I did break my diet with one thing- alcohol.

In 4 days, I had 4 glasses of red wine. Just red wine, no other alcohol- I reasoned that if I’m going to indulge, at least red wine allegedly has pylori-killing properties, and perhaps it is helping more than it’s hurting.

The issue is, my immune system is walking a very fine line nowadays, because whether I notice it or not, my liver is under a 24/7 assault from dying candida/pylori/parasites/bacteria. And sweet Ms. Liver is doing an incredible job of keeping me healthy despite this toxic overload that’s happening as I live my life. She’s allowing me to be healthy, keep a job, exercise, etc. But one thing she just doesn’t tolerate is too much alcohol.

Even a single glass of wine was enough to make me wary of its effect on my health; and after the fourth glass, I knew that if I didn’t take careful measures to heal my body, I would end up with a fever and sinus infection in a matter of hours. Thankfully, I was so paranoid about getting sick that all four days, I was drinking lots of water, tea, cayenne pepper solution (cayenne in water), eating lots of raw cucumber and celery, apple cider vinegar, and taking raw garlic shots (I crush them on a spoon, coat them in olive oil and put it on my tongue, just to shoot it down with water. Minimal odor, minimal gagging. However, I don’t recommend more than 2 cloves per day, because when I’ve done more than that, I’ve had to deal with some serious nausea and sweats for the ensuing 1/2 hr. I’d recommend starting with 1 just to be safe, and see how you feel).

In this vacation week, while paying attention to the effects of alcohol and being amazed at how quickly my immune system was ready to fail (even after the 4 months of candida diet that I’ve been following), I started to wonder what I have been doing wrong, and what I could be doing better in order to heal faster.

A few weeks ago, I came across a few articles about Alkalizing and Acidifying foods. Generally (with a few exceptions), foods that help to alkalize and heal your body are fruits and vegetables, and foods that acidify your body are meats and grains. With the candida diet, you limit your intake of meat, an acidic agent, and change your grain intake from unrefined gluten and wheat products (extremely acidic pH of 5.5) to the less acidic buckwheat, oat bran, and coconut flour (6.5 – 7). This means that even when you consume a lot of these grains, you aren’t really getting much worse, since your pH remains close to neutral; and if you already have a very acidic pH, you’re actually probably getting better.

What I realized, though, is that all this time, despite their nutritional ‘betterness’, the majority of the food I consume daily is still grains or protein. And it might be keeping me from getting worse, but until I start consuming A DRAMATIC AMOUNT of highly alkaline foods, I’m not going to be getting better very quickly. In fact, at the rate I’m going, it would make sense for it to take many, many years before my pH neutralizes.

This website in particular explains that: “To maintain health, the diet should consist of 60% alkaline forming foods and 40% acid forming foods.  To restore health, the diet should consist of 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods.”

At best, I have been maintaining health. This is clear based on the effect that adding alcohol to my diet had… the moment I switched to a more 50/50 diet, or even 40/60, my body was going under. This is not what I want.

I realized that the AMOUNT OF ALKALINE FOODS I’m consuming on a daily basis MATTERS ALOT in the quest for health! You’re not going to get anywhere fast if you still only consume cooked veggies, and in small amounts! Raw vegetables are where we’re going to find the answers.

So after this revelation, I’ve decided I need to change the way I think about the food I consume on a regular basis. When I came home, I went to Price Right and prepared for a raw cleanse and a fresh start.


Spinach, Arugula, Garlic, Ginger, Celery, Cucumber, Avocado, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with “The Mother”, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Stevia. I whipped out my food processor and added literally every single one of those ingredients into the bowl, and made 7 Green Drinks to store in my refrigerator for the next few days.

I also bought Onions, Coconut, Broccoli, Collard Greens, Green Bell Pepper, and Unsweetened Kefir to consume separately, for whatever other meals or salads I came up with.

I bought Chamomile, Lemon, Ginger, and Anise teas to keep myself hydrated and my digestion up to par.  (Hint: LEMON is the MOST alkalizing food there is. Consume lemon water regularly and you’ll be getting alkaline much faster!)

I used my stash of Chia Seeds with Coconut Milk to create a high fiber detox milkshake to consume 1x per day (be careful though, chia seeds on an empty stomach can absorb all the gastric juices, inhibit stomach emptying, and cause cramping. Otherwise they are excellent for scraping the intestinal walls clean).

Also, my incredible, supportive mother had already made some Red Cabbage Soup for when I got home from vacation, so I have that a few times per day, which especially helps with H. Pylori.

Finally, I decided to splurge on a Trader Joe’s Super Green Drink Powder mix for 20 bucks, which has an astounding list of fruit and vegetable powders, and 0g sugar. I’m sure the powder won’t be as effective as fresh, raw veggies, but it can’t hurt to add to my diet, either. And seriously, the list of ingredients is so perfectly alkalizing, I couldn’t resist.

Oh, and some Spirulina tablets from Vitamin Shoppe. They were 4 bucks. Worth the investment, since I find it hard to regularly consume seaweed, and it’s one of the highest alkaline foods there is.

Between all of these things, I had a perfect detox day yesterday (aside from the chia seed stomach cramps… I guess I’d never tried them on an empty stomach before. I REPEAT: DO NOT ATTEMPT. (And if you do by accident, drink tons and tons of water once the stomachache starts, and it will go away. You need to replenish the fluid that the chia is sucking out of your GI tract.)

I say Perfect Detox Day because something wonderful happened.

After some bloating and discomfort, which I took care of with tons and tons of water…

I began seeing a few candida colonies in my stool.

INSTANTANEOUSLY. Like, within a day. That’s what all those incredible foods are doing for me already. Now, I obviously have a long way to go still…. but you can bet your @$$ I’m going to be getting there a lot faster than I was before.

So, from here on out, my regimen is:

Mastic Gum, AM and PM, empty stomach
Probiotic Ultimate Flora 25billion, AM and PM, empty stomach
Raw ACV, 3x daily to replenish stomach acid and aid digestion
1tbsp Coconut Oil, AM and PM
1+ cup Unsweetened Kefir, 1x daily
Cayenne, Raw Garlic, and Oil of Oregano, whenever I feel compelled (usually any 2 of them, once per day)

And most importantly:

80-90% RAW, ALKALINE FOODS. (Hint: Get your calories from extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, and avocadoes! Those two oils are neutral on the pH scale.)
10-20% Healthy grains/protein sources. I’m not even going to risk chicken for awhile. This girl is temporarily Vegan, and getting all her protein from kefir/nuts/seeds. (That means if you eat 4 servings of grains in one day, you need to consume 36 servings of raw, alkaline vegetables in order to stick with the percentages. Better to aim for 1 serving of grains and 9 servings of vegetables, or 2 and 18, because it’s difficult for a human to eat more than that on a daily basis. Or okay, it would be difficult for ME, anyway.)

This is the plan! So far I have immensely high hopes and am already seeing results. I hope my revelation can help you, too! Let’s kick some Candida and H. Pylori ASS!

Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Hunger

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Interesting article on the relationship between probiotics and hunger (ghrelin) signals in the body. More to come as I continue to research this.

Another interesting excerpt:

Tips to Improve Leptin and Ghrelin
Heal Your Gut.
   Science is starting to learn that our gut health can dramatically impact many areas of our health, including regulation of blood sugar and weight.  Intestinal tissue also impacts appetite. A healthy intestine can help control appetite; conversely, leptin and ghrelin imbalances have been observed in gut disorders like colitis.[16]  So anything that helps intestinal health, like probiotics, should be helpful for weight gain and appetite issues. Recently, a newer-identified substance in foods called resistant starch has been studied and found to dramatically help control blood sugar levels, appetite and weight via its effect on gut tissue.


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Q: Went to bed at 3AM last night, got up with the alarm at 7:45. Before bed, I cut two garlic cloves and inserted them vaginally. Left them in until 10AM- felt no effects in that time. Infection is strong, candida is profuse in mucous membranes. Inserted at least 1tbsp greek yogurt, soothed some of the inflammation- just hoping to get some good bacteria in there. Not sure what’s behind this sudden surge of infection, but I’m hoping it’s a breakthrough.

Still free of anxiety, even with the end of this art relief project closing in. Between last night and tonight, I’ve felt oddly like I had returned to my productive, clear-headed self from freshman year of high school. It’s probably in my head, but… who knows?

Still super bloated/constipated all morning/afternoon, the gallons of water have not helped at all, nor the cabbage soup, nor the high fiber. I think this must be a final haul/excavation of candida, like a once and for all type deal. I really hope so. Although thinking like this is seriously dangerous, because I know it doesn’t just disappear like that. Everything is always long term. I have a lot of good feelings though.

Started the 25billion probiotic today. Took that on top of the 3billion Acidophilus I’d been taking. Time will tell if I get a tummy ache! If I do, I’ll just have to get me some apple cider vinegar and be on my way.

UPDATE: No stomach ache at all. Took another 25billion with dinner!

Also: Now that I am eating more carbs, I need to watch my food intake more… I’m so bad at portion control, I just never feel full anymore

– Water and water and water
– 3 Mastic, 2AM 1PM
– 3 Acidophilus 1bill
– 1 UltFlora 25bill, AM and PM
– Fage yogurt
– Cabbage soup
– Buckwheat pancakes (4) with almond butter spread
– Roasted veggies
– 4 slices of buckwheat/coconut bread
– Glass of almond milk with stevia
– Glass of coconut milk with stevia
– 1/2c blueberries
– Baked stuffed patypan (with veggie and oat bran filling)

Estimated calorie count for the day

100 cal (cabbagesoup, 2cups)
150 cal (fageyogurt, 1.2 cups)
280 cal (4xbuckwheatcakes, 5.5″ diam)
50 cal (1/2tbsp almond butter)
250 cal (roastedveggies, 2cups)
280 cal (4xbuckwheatbread, small)
80 cal (2c almondmilk)
120 cal (2c coconut milk)
40 cal (1/2c blueberries)
400 cal (baked stuffed patypan. this is worst case)

Recommended Calorie Intake
126lb, 5’6″, female, little/no exercise

Maintenance: 1613
Fat Loss: 1291

Forced Type 2/3 at 1:00PM (healthy brown!)
2 Type 4/5s after that